From Pat Hamblin

Calling all British F2 and FSRA Pre Injection sidecar teams I am pleased to announce that the FSRA have been invited to join the BHR club at their test day at Mallory Park on Friday 20th March
I must have a minimum of 10 teams to make this happen if you would like to take part please contact me as soon as possible so I can confirm arrangements and ensure this will happen for you
There will be practice sessions starting at 9am throughout the day for solo and sidecar classes, you will not be required to join BHR club but must be a member of the FSRA to take part.

2 Replies to “FSRA F2s and Pre Injections invited to join BHR testing Friday 20th March”

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    Hi Steve we would be very interested in taking part in the practice day we will be there anyway cause we will be practising on our 125 sidecar which we compete with in bhr now already being bhr members would we need to join fsra aswell our outfit is a cbr600rr injection and we will be racing with emra on it

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      I doubt it personally as you will be BHR members anyway. I’d have a word with the Carole if I were you at BHR, she’s always helpful 🙂

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