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MoTeC ECU – Know what you are buying

An article from Andrew ‘Angus’ Brooke

MoTeC is a fairly expensive bit of kit, so do your research in what you are buying. I will be telling you rough prices of new kit, and things to keep eye out for with second hand.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH, instead I want to inform. I have no issues with other systems, or second hand kit, but sometimes deals aren’t as good as they appear.

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Snetterton 300 circuit welcomes round two 21-23 August

Finally, the wait to re-join the BSB paddock is over for the Molson Group British Sidecar Championship. Round two takes us to one of the most popular and sidecar friendly tracks on the BSB tour.

The Snetterton 300 circuit has plenty of wide-open spaces to observe social distancing, and a super-fast race environment which always delivers great on-track action.

With a truncated five round, ten race season now fixed, there will be no room for error. The opener at Cadwell Park is already behind us, with scores firmly on the board for all the top runners. 

Two weeks ago, in Lincolnshire, former champions Steve Kershaw, now with new passenger Ryan Charlwood (Santander Salt/Quattro Yamaha), took double victory ahead of his team-mates and reigning champions Todd Ellis and Charlie Richardson (Santander Salt Honda).

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The events calendar has been updated

I have now added the World Championship, British Championship, BMCRC, CRMC, EMRA and motoGP dates. There doesn’t seem to be a lot more than that at the moment – I will add the International Trophy Dates over the weekend and I think there are some Scottish dates to add.

As it happens this also coincided with an update to the events calendar system that I use. It looks much better in my opinion and works better on mobiles.

As so many championships have been cancelled I took the liberty of erasing the view by category for now, it takes quite a bit of editing to update and isn’t really necessary. For next year it may make a return.

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