Cadwell Sidecar Revival cancelled, but get ready to rumble

Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across sport, there are significant stirrings in the world of motorcycle racing. MotoGP and organisers have published a plan to go racing from July, and MSVR, the promoters of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship are busily putting together a revised schedule which will deliver a meaningful series in 2020. The Molson Group British Sidecars are inextricably linked with BSB and we eagerly await those announcements to get our own season back on track.
All is not lost though, because the date remains firmly logged with the Cadwell Park circuit, and there is every likelihood that restrictions will be eased sufficiently for some form of track action to take place.

Roger Body and the RKB-F1 team in conjunction with Bemsee, are therefore in negotiation with the circuit to run an F1 sidecar test and practice weekend over the 8/9th August.

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Uncertain times ahead maybe – but we’re all ready and waiting

From Barry Nutley

There can be no denying that what the world is going through with the Coronavirus pandemic right now, is something none of us has ever lived through before.
We have all heard our parents and grandparents waxing lyrical about the hardships that “The War” brought to their daily lives. Indeed Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses coined the phrase “durin’ the war” to the constant annoyance of Rodney and Del Boy.

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