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GH Awning

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Heavy duty GH awning for sale.

Very versatile, it comprises of 4 bays at approx 4m x 4m and one at approx 1.5m x 4 m
We've used it an all sorts of combinations from 1 bay at 4x4, 2 bays at 8x4 and 2 and half bays at 9.5x4 at club meetings up to 4 or 5 day BSB meetings with the whole thing measuring up in an L shape of 13.5 x 8.

This thing is so big when fully built that it occupies two international time zones, and there's a bus service from one end to the other. We have to run lights at different times to take into account darkness falling at one end before the other.

Seriously though, it can be made big, for if you need a massive living/working space at the TT, for example, and just as easily made small for a one day or two day meeting.

All the zips work, there's a small tear in one roof panel that doesn't leak thanks to some strategically placed Duct tape, and the panels are sound, although i think two of them are only held when rolled up by one strap (easily remedied with some good glue) There's a spare end panel that is curved to fit the curve of a van, for if you only use part of the awning, and we did use it occasionally for dividing off living and working areas.
All the poles fit underneath the outfit if you use bunks to sit it on, in a space of around 24"x15", and if you're running less bays, they take even less room.
We've had it fitted to an Iveco XLWB, and before that it was fitted to a Merc Sprinter. No mods were required to change, other than running the bays in a slightly different order. It was also briefly fitted to our 7.5 tonner before we bought another one that fitted in better with the truck colours.

£1,250 gets you this fantastic versatile beast of an awning, ovno.....
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Re: GH Awning

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Good evening,

Do you still have the awning for sale?
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Re: GH Awning

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Is this still for sale?

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Re: GH Awning

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Hi have you still got it
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Re: GH Awning

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I know its an old post but did this sell?
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