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Hopefully Speedhive will cover live timing and results

Media Release November 2023
To all our regular viewers, supporters, advertisers, event holders, friends and colleagues. We felt that it was important to write and advise you all in advance. With regard to the 2023/2024 MNZ National Championship competitions, namely NZSBK and NZMX all rounds, MNZ have advised us that they do not require our services in providing Live Streaming and Video Recordings of these events.

You may wonder why this has happened. The only reason provided to us was that of cost. Our quotes for this season included minimal price increases that were 30% less than CPI, even though the Cost of living is significantly impacting our operational expenses. If you require further information, we suggest you could contact the Series Organisers, ( MNZ ) or for financial information, members can review the MNZ 2022 annual financial report, available online at

This note is not a plea for help, review or any follow-up, as the decision has been made, and we have changed our summer plans now. So, for us, that is it.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us at some time over the last 13 years: Boyd Motorcycles, WIL Sport, Tim Gibbes Track Timing, NV Motorcycles, Race Supplies, Moto1. Also a special mention to some of the many Clubs: AMCC, BOPMCC, TaupoMCC, MCI, SCMCC, MNZ and to people who have helped with camera work: Joseph Shirriffs, Murray Collingwood, Rod Forrest, Blake Parlane. We remember certain people who helped all this start: Graeme Billington, Ian Dawson, Tim & Joan Gibbes ( may they rest in peace ), Neil and Brad Ritchie, Nicole Bol, Graeme Spyda Staples. We have worked alongside and with many other people. You are not forgotten, just too many to mention. A huge thank you to you all.
We wish all competitors the very best for the coming season/s.

Grant Collingwood
Ctas NZ Ltd
Results guru
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