Deleting messages to release on hold messages

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Deleting messages to release on hold messages

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Click on 'inbox' on the left so you get the list of messages. Normally go to the last page of messages to delete the oldest ones if you're just making space for more.

On the right hand side there is a column called 'mark', with tickboxes next to each message you can tick to select certain ones.

Otherwise, go to the bottom and select 'mark all'. That will put a tick in all the boxes on that page.

Just above that is a drop down box which initially has 'mark/unmark as important'.
click in there and select 'delete marked' and then hit go.

It will probably ask you if you are sure you want to delete the messages, if so yes is probably the one to click.

If you need to release on hold messages, once you've deleted some click on 'release all on hold messages' and they will come into your inbox. It's a link but doesn't look it as it's not underlined and this catches a few people out.
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