Cyril Malem

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Cyril Malem

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Cyril passed away 2 weeks ago. I wrote an obituary for the Vincent owners club. There was also a 7 page article on his lifetime achievements in the November edition of Motor Sport. I know very little about him actually racing a sidecar. I had seen a short film of him racing at Mallory in the early 1960s. Obviously he was involved with Ted Young "ETY" in chassis production. I would love to find out more. Maybe you have raced against Cyril, have a programme with him listed, or best of all have a picture to share. I raced sidecars myself between 1968 and 1970, so Cyril was before my time. Bernard Jones.
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Re: Cyril Malem

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Hi Cyril was a family friend, only through his wife who is a good friend of my mother in law. I only got to know him when I was introduced to him at my wife's business. In poole Dorset. I was told as I was a Mechanic that I might find him interesting. That was an understatement! He was the most incredible person into cars and motorcycles. That I'd ever met .Then we got talking and he told me all about the bike and car racing he'd been involved with, and obviously the cars and bikes he'd built, including building a 5 speed gearbox for a Norton race bike and the involvement with Vincent, he also gave me a photo of a car he built for emerson fittapaldi, and a copy of the invoice for the build. He was a good friend, and sadly missed. He also loved my boxer dog who I always took around for him to dog sit.
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