Gary Horspole and Jimmy Connell were at Brands Hatch over the weekend racing in the final two races of the 2018 British Sidecar Championship where they recorded a ninth and 18th place in an effort to retain their fifth place in the overall standings but they just missed out and had to settle for sixth at the end of an eventful series.

Horspole from Sleaford and Scottish passenger Connell completed their qualifying in 16th place and began the first race from an eighth row grid position on Saturday.

They got a good start and moved through the bumper field of 30 outfits to settle into 11th place on the opening lap. They remained in this position for much of the race but were demoted to 12th on lap eight of 10. But on the final lap they pushed hard and made a pass stick on Gilbert/Tritton to take the chequered flag in 11th place. But there were two wild card riders ahead and they were excluded from the points which elevated Horspole and Connell up the finishing order to ninth. The bonus was, there were double points awarded in the final round meaning Horspole and Connell picked up 14 championship points bringing their total to 188 going into the final race on Sunday.

But with Sunday morning came the rain and Horspole and Connell started in the middle of the pack from the sixth row. With spray from the outfits ahead making visibility virtually non-existent they began to drop down the field to complete the race in 18th place. With two wildcard riders ahead who were excluded from the results Horspole and Connell were awarded 16th place in their class although unfortunately just outside a point scoring position.

With 188 points scored over the course of the season Horspole and Connell complete their season in sixth place one place higher up the order than last season.