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Plans are well advanced for the Revival, and we invite anyone with an interesting period sidecar outfit wishing to parade it in the event, to get in touch with us.

We want a nostalgic and interesting flavour, and expect to see a complete variety of sidecar outfits spanning four decades, as well as a good selection of two-stroke Grand Prix solos from the seventies and early eighties.

Famous names appearing include former world Champions Steve Webster MBE and Steve Abbott.

The sight and sound of these screaming four cylinder two-strokes will evoke many memories of the glory years of world-class sidecar racing.

There will also be a support solo entry providing a full weekend of track action for every taste. Add to that a full championship race programme for all the Hyundai regulars, and it's “game on”.

Don't forget, if you have an interesting sidecar outfit worthy of showing off, then please let us know.

In the first instance (SE - as Barry hasn't put any other contact details) contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07977 937757