This doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world although relying on me for results recently might seem like it. 

Luckily for us Mark has sorted out all the links and pages you need to bookmark ready for the weekend.. so to quote Mark exactly... 


Possibly no results from me this weekend as going away so here goes 

Bemsee Snetterton and live timing on the TSL website along with Wirral 100 and Anglesey Grand. There will also be live timing and results for North Gloucester at Thruxton for Saturday on the their website

For the Stars at Darley on Sunday they have live timing and results

North East Club are hosting the Ian Bell Memorial trophy at East Fortune and those results will be on the Speedhive app.

The classics are at Brands and could also be on the Speedhive app or Race Monitor

Finally the final Euro round at Oschersleben have a live timing link and could be here


Steve E back here.. 

Hopefully you will find these useful, and yet again thank you Mark for all you have done and are still doing! These are the links we use to find the results and I will try to update the pages this weekend in Mark's place. The pressure is on now.. Enjoy your weekend off mate!