Photo by Dirk Wharton (the pie man!) 

This might sound an odd request coming from someone as usually well prepared as Greg Lambert, but there is a very good reason for it. 

Greg has had his bike packed up and shipped on its way to New Zealand for the Tri Series over Christmas (good luck and enjoy that mate! )

As his bike is on its way already he does not have use of his machine for the upcoming Brands Hatch British Sidecars at BSB over the weekend of the 13-15th October, or the last round of the Road Race Championship at Cadwell Park 28-29 October,  which he would like to compete in as he is scoring well so far this season in the series. 

Do you have a competitive sidecar he could borrow for either or both of these meetings? He would be extremely grateful of course! 

If you could help Greg please give him a call on +447980292819


(p.s. Did anyone spot I posted the dates as September first? That's how far behind I am still - SE)