Lane Building

The sixth and penultimate round of the F.S.R.A. / Lane Building services F350 / Post Classic and Preinjection Sidecar Championship moves to Mallory Park this coming weekend (9th and 10th September). Ten registered teams have entered, supporting full grids at this popular venue with the E.M.R.A. club.  

Wesley Pettman is returning to try and close the gap to series leaders Hayley Capewell / Sarah Stokoe. They are closely followed by the father and son teams of the Sims and the Hodgsons. Simon Horton / Steve Broadstock on their FJ Yamaha join us this weekend, alongside all the regular teams. Also returning is two stroke fanatic Gordon Jones, on his 350 TZ Yamaha.  

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For anyone interested in joining this championship for all Preinjection sidecars, eligibility rules are simple: three wheels and carburettors! Come along and talk to F.S.R.A. representative Dave Tibbles riding his FJ Yamaha number 181.


Championship Standings

Hayley Capewell/Sarah Stokoe - 143

Jody Sims/Reece Sims - 135

Gerald Hodgson/Daniel Hodgson - 114

Wesley Pettman / Tom Pettman - 111

Dave Tibbles / Raitch Greenwood - 77

Marianne Walford / Kerry Hughes - 71

Ian Sutcliffe / Robert Bryant - 68

Mark Burns / Steve Winfrow - 68

Stuart Anderson / Kerry Hughes - 57

Joe Heys / Marc Maier - 45

Gordon Jones / Matty Ramsden - 38

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