Upton sidecar racing husband and wife pairing of Giles and Jen Stainton were at Cadwell at the weekend for their fourth racing weekend in as many weeks where they recorded three top eight results before disaster struck and they were forced to retire when the handlebars snapped on the LCR outfit.

Once qualifying got underway Giles and Jen both realised just how tiring racing every weekend is and it had taken its toll on them as they felt they were not as quick as usual on track.

However qualifying for the British championship races went better than they hoped for and after making a few adjustments to their lines over the last few races they enjoyed the 11 laps and were delighted to find they had qualified in 17th place in the mixed grid of F1 and F2 outfits achieving a fastest time of 1m 48s.

Starting the Auto66 club race, which included the UK Super 2, from the back of the grid the pair made their way through the pack to settle into a lonely eighth position to cross the finish line in eighth place out of 15 starters improving their lap times to 1m 47s.

Next up was the first of two British championship races where the first lap was an eventful one. Jen explained: “it was quite impressive to see outfits three abreast going into Coppice just ahead of us. After one outfit spun out in front of us we set off in pursuit of Lumley/Whitnall overtaking them on the Mountain.”

After that it was another lonely ride for the Staintons as Remnant/Tilley were a way ahead and uncatchable. They crossed the finish line 13th overall and fifth in the British F2 Cup with a new personal best lap time of 1m 45s.

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After practice on Sunday the pair recorded a seventh place finish in the eight lap Auto66 club race ahead of the second British championship race where they got a good start but nine laps into the race disaster struck. Jen explained: “ we were holding fourth place in our class when, coming into Mansfield under heavy braking the handlebar snapped and thanks to Giles’ quick reactions we were able to safely retire into pit lane. We were really disappointed but very lucky the problem happened where it did and not somewhere any faster on the circuit.

“We were excited to regularly be in the 1.46s as consistency is what we are aiming for and even happier to slightly better that in the British race. It was a weekend of learning about pacing ourselves and as a consequence we have decided to take a welcome weekend off to recharge our batteries while handlebars have gone off to world championship racers Ben and Tom Birchall’s workshop for repair.

“Thank you for the continued support from Interfuse Ltd, T&S Motors, Elite Signs, MMC Agency and Andrew&Vanessa, Sid Diggins.”

pic credit Sid Diggins