The third round of the Marin Cup took place at another busy weekend of racing at East Fortune.

The sidecar entry for the meeting was boosted by the FSRA pre-injection round which had proved a popular addition for this meeting last year. On this occasion, because of the strong Marin Cup entry, it gave the Melville club an organisational headache as the total entry was 31 sidecars (yes, you did read that correctly) and the maximum grid positions allowed is 24. However, the club rose to the occasion and some excellent organising by the clerk of the course, coupled with the support of all the teams, ensured that everyone enjoyed plenty of racing with a full grid in every race.

Practice was a wet affair but the weather dried rapidly. So much so that, by the time qualifying was called, several teams made the last minute decision to rush back from the holding bay to change wets for slicks. In what was almost a repeat of round 2, team ARC pairing Lee Crawford and Scott Hardie took pole on the F2 with Bell racing’s Michael Bell and Tony Belsey taking second position. Third place on the grid was taken by Tony Baker/Fiona Baker-Holden by the narrowest of margins (only 0.1 seconds) from Dave Lillie/Ben Chandler.

marin rd3 1 1024

Unfortunately, tragic events in the first superbike race took priority over the remainder of the racing for that day. The SSRC offers its condolences to the family and friends of those affected.

The evening brought on site entertainment in the form of tribute act ‘Peat Loaf’. Drink was drunk, songs were sung and a good time was had by all. Common decency prevents me from going into the finer detail of those good times but let’s just say that some of the dancing was….ahem….memorable!

Rescheduling of all racing to the Sunday meant that this round of the Marin Cup would consist of two races with the other two starts being scheduled for the FSRA championship. Shared grids meant that most teams enjoyed four starts, but only two races were contested for Marin Cup points.

marin rd3 2 1024

Race 1 started where the last round left off with Bell/Belsey and Crawford/Hardie battling for the win.

This time it was Bell/Belsey who took the early lead and, despite a strong finish from Crawford/Hardie, held on to take first place.

Third place was a hard fought affair between Baker/Baker-Holden and Lillie/Chandler with the father and daughter team holding on to take third by less than a second.

marin rd3 4 1024

Race 2 saw Crawford/Hardie reverse the first race scenario by holding off Bell/Belsey to the first corner and taking the early lead.

Despite some determined racing in the first five laps, Bell/Belsey faded from lap 6 leaving Crawford/Hardie to take the win by a comfortable margin with Bell/Belsey hanging on for second.

In taking the win, Crawford/Hardie also scooped the Andrew Coupar Memorial Trophy which is awarded annually to the winner of this race.

Third place was another battle between Baker/Baker-Holden and Lillie/Chandler. Baker/Baker-Holden held third place throughout some tight racing with Lillie/Chandler never more than a second behind until the last lap, when Baker/Baker-Holden pulled away slightly to take third place.

marin rd3 3 1024

So, now the dust has settled, the points table at the end of Round 3 looks like this:







Michael Bell

Tom Pugh/Tony Belsey


Dave Lillie

Ben Chandler


Lee Crawford

Scott Hardie


Stephen Kershaw

Stuart Clark


Karl Pring

Chris Bonsall


Graham Hodgson

Philip Gravel


Peter O'Neill



Stuart Anderson

Sandy Mayhew


Gordon Shand

Frank Claeys/Ben 'Full Monty' McBride


Gavin Browne

Murray McKay


Stewart Lithgow

Hanna Brunton


Simon Robinson

Keith Liddle


Graham McKinlay

Paul Bryden/Stephen/G Stewart


Iain Souter

Sam Campbell/Stephen


Colin Lewis

Danny Quirt


Stuart Mayhew

Lianne Mayhew/Chris Yuill/Alan Taylor


Yvonne Davidson

Mary Grant


Ken Andrews Snr

Adam Nix


Ken Andrews Jnr

Phil Melville


Keith Forrest

Justin Dalgleish


Boris Stroud

Colvin Denholm


Alisatair Lewis

Patti Reid


Alan Shand

Chris Yuill


Jim Hamilton

Mick Fairhurst



The real winners this weekend were the spectators. Glorious weather (eventually) and full grids in each race, with staggered starts to add to the fun in the FSRA races, all added up to a fantastic spectacle. All eyes now on Knockhill for the final round on 2nd/3rd September.
See you there!