The organisers of the Endurance legends race at Donington 6/7 May, just five weeks’ time have invited me to run some Taxi Rides to help raise funds for young Riley Clay who is in a fight for his life against a rare and hard breed of cancer. Some of you will know that Riley is the grandson of Dean Banks , a man who has given a great deal to our sport and has helped me personally and I know helped a lot of you guys too.

The event is a huge draw and a wonderful opportunity to attract sponsors and bring new people into our sport. The organisers have promised me £100 for each outfit to cover fuel etc. I would ask you all to consider giving that £100 to the Riley Clay fund.

There will also be free event tickets for the crews. The Taxi rides themselves will be very attractively priced at £15 for a maximum of fifteen minutes and five pounds of this will be donated to the fund by BHR and the VMCC.

There may be a chance to do some full speed demonstration runs if time allows but its not guaranteed, it will be a great chance to run an engine in and scrub tires etc.

We will of course be having a few drinks on Friday and Saturday nights and all the crews are welcome in the SideCar Radio awning for some Salopian Beer, some of the best beer ever made!

Take a look at the links to the Endurance Legends event; it really is going to be one hell of a gig and have a look at that beautiful boy, Riley.

Please, please contact me directly 07730784975 (office hours), let’s all show the solo world what the Sidecar Family can do!!