Have you ever said to yourself “I can do that” when you’ve been watching sidecar racing . . . and then listed the many reasons why you can’t? British Historic Racing is going to give you the opportunity to take a race outfit on to a famous circuit; experienced racers will mentor all drivers/passengers/crews and to add to the flavour of the day you will take a racebike through the scrutineering process.

All this is for free – yes FREE as BHR wants to encourage wannabe racers and current race folk are letting you use their own bikes.

The “Have a go day” is held within the BHR test day on the 24th of March at Mallory Park, to book you need to ring me 01162876119 and persuade me that first you are a genuine racing sidecar novice with NO outfit track experience and you would be racing now if it wasn’t for the possibility that after buying an outfit, getting a race licence etc you might not like racing. You will need to be at least 17 years old to drive and 16 to passenger (with a parent present to sign the entry form if you are lucky enough to be that young).

So, maybe you can “talk the talk” but BHR is giving you the chance to “walk the walk!” The rest is down to you . . . so pick up the phone!