Show 99 Kev ‘Taffurelli’ Jones, ‘Dismount’ Dave De Mott ‘Rent Boy’ and the one and only ‘WinDog’ in a Christmas Special.

I travel all over the country to get these shows together and I always have a ball with the guest racers that are kind enough to talk to me but this show has been a blast.

Taff would tell you that a small mistake at the altar of Sidecar racing almost cost him his life but the real story is how this star passenger has come through to this point, where he is already planning how he will help a new team in the coming season.

‘Dismount’ Dave has made the huge plunge into racing sidecar production, the man has got huge talent and I can’t wait until I can try one of his superb bikes!

Winnie and Rent Boy are banter central, these guys know how to party and man they know how to race too. Next year will see them lining up with me and quite a few old favourites on the BHR SideCar Radio BEARs grid, please come and support us!