I count myself lucky to know all three of the men featured on this show, every time I learn something new and there are always laughs on the way. This sport is way too expensive not to be taken very seriously indeed as all three agree.



Please come to the Team Founds launch at the Coach House Hotel in Chester city centre on
15th of March and have a drink with me and the boys!!


Michael and Tim       The Founds Boys

BM 1
Show 102 a TT chat with Bruce Moore.


Bruce is an all-round legend in my view, the man can drive and do the other thing without missing a beat, he’s a top aircraft trades man and can build a bike with his eyes closed. He’s had both types of luck in his life but still comes out smiling and I’m a fan!


We talk about his life and times at the TT and he gives me his view in the new rules. Listen to the end for a surprise guest (DS).
As always my thanks to everyone involved in making this show, it’s good to be back!
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General Secretary for the ACU and Clerk of the course at the TT Gary Thompson is a smart guy. Following the introduction of age limits in other classes at the Manx, Gary has introduced a forty year old age limit for all newcomers at the Sidecar TT. But it’s not all bad news as Gary explains.

Gary SP cropped RoyHankscropped

Roy Hanks, with fifty (!!) TTs and ninety seven starts under his belt has to be the foremost authority on the sidecar TT, Roy is also a director of ACU Events Ltd and on this occasion doesn’t agree with Gary. These lads are close friends but sometimes you can’t agree about everything.

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This auction is for a week’s stay on any available date after July 10th 2017 in a fantastic period farm house situated in the beautiful area of Chalus near Limoges in France, a great area for motorcycle touring. The local area is packed with history and was the site of the battle that claimed the life of England's king Richard 1st.  The house has been freshly renovated to an exceptionally high standard by legendary Sidecar builder Mike Richards and if you know Mike you will know he is meticulous in everything he does, the house is a dream!





From Slow Phil.. 

It’s been quite a journey to this the hundredth show, I’ve met so many people, people that have become my friends and I’ve had a huge laugh doing it all. I’m a lucky chap in as much as this whole SideCar Radio lark has given me an opportunity to raise money for charities, friends and the Hospital Radio show that I do most Friday nights.

This show is different to any that I’ve done before, please listen and please help.


Riley Banks show 100 Dean Sticker  Slow Rick 2


Show 99 Kev ‘Taffurelli’ Jones, ‘Dismount’ Dave De Mott ‘Rent Boy’ and the one and only ‘WinDog’ in a Christmas Special.

I travel all over the country to get these shows together and I always have a ball with the guest racers that are kind enough to talk to me but this show has been a blast.

Taff would tell you that a small mistake at the altar of Sidecar racing almost cost him his life but the real story is how this star passenger has come through to this point, where he is already planning how he will help a new team in the coming season.

‘Dismount’ Dave has made the huge plunge into racing sidecar production, the man has got huge talent and I can’t wait until I can try one of his superb bikes!

Winnie and Rent Boy are banter central, these guys know how to party and man they know how to race too. Next year will see them lining up with me and quite a few old favourites on the BHR SideCar Radio BEARs grid, please come and support us!



As many of you already know, long time close friends and team mates Jim Hamilton and Mick Fairhurst of 'Borderline Racing' have suffered the cruelest of blows out in Chimay last week. Guest rider Scott Lawrie and Mick were setting the track alight in the races after a problematic practice, it was said by one seasoned European sidecar pilot that in more than twenty years of road racing he had never seen anyone 'beat those chicanes' like Scott and Mick!

In the second and final race it was time to put the Scottish hammer down! A little half spin and recovery was not enough to slow the lads below the leaders pace on lap six and all was looking good when Mick, on one of the long straights, happened to look up inside the fairing only to see 'the racers nightmare' flames!




I’m a country boy and I sometimes feel a little bit shocked when people lock themselves in their houses so you can imagine my surprise when I got to the Pirates front door and found it swinging! I knocked, knocked louder and called out and eventually Phil and Michelle came to the door with a big smile and drinks in their hands and we were off to a great start!

Ian ‘Sidecar Bloke’ Johnson joined us for a great dinner and the conversation and wine flowed easily. There will be a return visit to get some life stories soon and maybe a CRMC race meeting too!

My thanks to all the Pirates who helped make this show!



Show 89 Gary Bloke and a 2016 preseason round up.

All the way up to North Yorkshire for a friendly chat with TT passenger, cleaner and window licker Gary Bloke.

Gary Bloke  Gary Leap




Regular listeners to the show will know how much I think of this team and all the people in it, I feel that without Team Founds Sidecars wouldn't be the same, on top of all the fun they bring, they're winners too!

We talk of the pinnacle of Alan's driving carrier in winning the British FSRA F2 championship and of Pete's plans to try for it this season.
A date for your diary is 24.03.2016 just later this week when the whole of Team Founds will descend on the Coach House Inn in the centre of Chester to meet all us fans and entertain us on a truly grand scale, see you there!
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In the Kings Head in Louth (where I did my famously bad Radio two interview) I sit down with a team who really tick the boxes. At just eighteen and nineteen Lizzie Quinlan and Joe Gaunt are the youngest team in British sidecar racing and they love it!

There's only so much I can say here, please listen to them on this show
THEN consider helping them and the future of Great British sidecar racing - their go fund me page here

On the way home I call into Cadwell Park and talk to Open Tracks Dave 'the Doughnut' Woodall.


Mallory Park was looking quite fragile just two years ago when I first interviewed Eddie Roberts and Stuart Hicken but those boys have risen to the enormous challenge, taken the place by the scruff of it's neck and put it back as a top British track!

Tom Peters tells me of his racing carrier and massive success in the TT and British F2 championship, the highs and lows and his reasons for taking the 2016 season out of racing.



Almost all the way to the edge of the world, Highbridge in Somerset I meet and chat to Paul and Richard Lumley in their Aladdin's cave of a workshop, if you like the sort of back street ingenuity that allowed this country to lead the world in motor racing then you should go take a look (phone first). The plans for this season and their international collaboration with a TT team from across the pond, it's going to be a great season! 

I had to return to team ARC a long way north and while I was there I grasped the opportunity to talk to Lee Crawford about his plans and preparations for this his second season at the sharp end of the British F2 championship.
Moving west to Lancaster I call in on my team mate Lady SideCar for an update on her remarkable journey back to fitness and maybe racing.
If your interested in the BHR BEARs sidecar series, we will again be offering free test ride to all those folk that are considering joining us in this great class. Please contact David Sykes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at any time on 07730784975.

Jo Williams discusses the life and times of her friend, renowned lady passenger Mich Judkins. From a very young age Mich was in the thick of it with the multi bike 'Judkins' team. Life can put a person through the wringer and it's a testament to Mich that she is still part of the racing foreground supporting and being a big part of the current success that surrounds Team Founds.

I find myself again in the Oswestry Motorcycle Road Racing Museum talking to team boss Phil Morris. 2016 is a very exciting year for the team and Phil tells me of their plans for an attack on the superbike TT!

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