If you use the Hotel at Breckland Lodge or just The Stag pub which is part of the complex have a read of this in the Eastern Daily Press. 

It may take them a while to rebuild - make a check before you go! 

‘It’s tragic’ - Manager of Breckland Lodge says ‘whole building’ is destroyed after major fire


I have some news articles to go on but my broadband has been slower than a very slow thing for a few days. It seems to have sped itself back up to just very slow, so I'll try to get some news articles on and the update to Mike Breitenbach's PAGID brake info (which I thought I had done months ago - huge apologies!)

Before that and while I'm doing a quick update -  
Huge congratulations to Pete Founds, Jevan Walmsley and all at Team Founds 72, 2016 FSRA/ACU British F2 Champions.

I'll work on getting the race report from Croft British F2 on first, I also have Superside reports from Mark Walters and some photos of Unorfordox from Paul Gravenell and also Andy 'Bludge' Smith - you might have seen them elsewhere but I'll get them on here so we know where to find them when people ask what it was all about again in the future. 

It's been quiet on the updates front lately but we have some to come.. I'd like to thank all the people who have sent in donations when their bikes sold, it's been greatly appreciated, and also Wal Saunders at The Stop Shop and West Performance for carrying on with the site partnership. 

I have another update from Mike Breitenbach to go on as well, detailing the contact details of their reps and listing all the achievements of racers on Pagid products. A huge thank you to Mike for his continued support. 

Some of you may know I work for Network Rail, testing the electrification of the lines. My job is based out of Lewisham in London and the combination of the two has given me an interest in the Underground, for some reason the old historic posters especially. 

If you're interested here is a selection of them, see if they strike you in the same way they do me. 

This one was out of my control I'm afraid. The host had issues and every time they thought they'd got it fixed something else happened. 

Hopefully they're sorted now!