Scottish sidecar driver Scott Lawrie is to return back to sidecar racing after taking a break from the sport to build up his business.
2013 was the last time Scott and his passenger at the time, James Neave, contested the world championship. They were to finish fourth overall in the championship standings.

Speaking with Scott, he explained.
“At the end of 2013 I decided to take some time out from racing. This was to spend more time building up my business. I felt that with so much time away racing my business was starting to suffer  and financially the racing was starting to hurt my pocket. It was a good decision to take the break, I am really happy how things are with the business, it has been hard work but well worth it. At the end of 2013, I sold the sidecar I had and most of the spares I had.

However I did have a new sidecar in storage, it was never totally finished but I had time on my hands to do this.

Although not racing in the world championship, I did race some international meetings and national meetings just to keep my hand in (said with a grin on his face)
I decided in 2016, why not try and have a go again because I had a new chassis, and with the new rules the FIM implemented, from 2017 only 600cc engines may be used. I thought it would be a new challenge for me and basically I would be starting from scratch. I rallied some of my old sponsors and asked what they thought about it. Well here we are, going racing again!


The next problem I had was finding a passenger. With me taking time away and even maybe not coming back for a full season racing, it was not fair for James to hang about waiting. James moved on and has been racing with another top driver Sean Hegarty, with lots of success too.

Talking with my partner Martina Munih from Slovenia, who was very keen to have a go passengering, we decided originally that we would have a go racing at club level and see how we got on. She was really excited about it all and I was really happy for us to go racing. We even had gone as far as getting leathers made up for her.

However this has all been put on the back burner now. We are expecting our first child, we are so happy and pleased, and this little bundle of fun will make an appearance in April this year. It just happens it could be around the time that we will be at Le-Mans racing!

I had to get my thinking cap on again and see who would be available to passenger me.

Ben Hughes was a name that had been passed on to me. I met with Ben, and since have had a few meetings with him. He is really keen and wants to give it a go. We will be going testing at the end of this month, (March) to Val De Vienne in France, and we will see how we get on.

Some people I would like to thank for making this all possible,

Charles Johnson, John Lawson, Louis Christen, and Ben and Tom Birchall of “Birchall Racing”.


Ben Hughes will passenger Scott all going well. Ben who moved to Scotland from Great Hockham, Norfolk, is really excited with this new challenge. He has competed in the British sidecar championship in the past and the Isle of Man TT races.

Ben said, “When Scott got in touch with me, we talked and it did not take me long to make my mind up, I am looking forward to going testing and getting to grips with the LCR chassis with the 600cc engine. (With a smile on his face) I better get back working out at the gym; I want to be as prepared physically as best as I can. I hope that I will do a good job for Scott. Also I am looking forward to racing on some of the best circuits in the world, all a new challenge”.


Mark Walters.