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FIM Sidecar World Championship and the FIM Sidecar F2 World Trophy, Donington Park, England.

Reeves and Cluze start from pole.

The final race for the FIM Sidecar World Championship will see Tim Reeves and Gregory Cluze on their "Remse Racing/Team Eaide" LCR, Yamaha start from pole position; they set a time of 1:35.492 in Q2. The team were really happy with the time they set. Although the weather conditions were cooler than Q1 they steadily built up their speed in the session and set the time on lap eight of the nine they did. Reeves said, "I found the track slippy but when we got the heat into the tyres all was good, we got some clear track and we went for it. We are looking forward to the race and we hope it will be good for us".



Second fastest was Pekka Paivarinta and Kirsi Kainulainen on their "44-Racing" LCR, BMW. They set a time of 1:36.075 in Q2. The team had no problems with their machine throughout the two qualifying sessions. Pekka said "The bike is all good, we have checked and double checked all things, so we hope all will be good. I am not nervous just now, but I am sure the nerves will kick in just before the race; we hope the race will be trouble free, and maybe we can have a small beer after", (said with a grin on his face)

The French team of Sebastien Delannoy and Kevin Rousseau will head the second row with a time of 1:37.492 on their "Team Sand Seb 72" LCR, Suzuki. They had a trouble free qualifying. With Markus Schlosser and Thomas Hofer not present here at Donington Park it looks like Delannoy and Rousseau will be third overall in the championship.

Alongside Delannoy/Rousseau on row two is John Holden and Stuart Ramsay with their "Silicone/Barnes Racing" LCR, Suzuki. They set a time of 1:37.413. The team had to work into the night changing an engine. In Q1 they did one warm up lap and just started to get the power on when they had to pull off track with a suspected dropped valve. Driver Holden said "The engine we have fitted now maybe not as fast as the one we took out, but we hope all will be good for the race".
The fifth fastest time went to Ben and Tom Birchall on their "Birchall Racing" LCR, Honda,they set a time of 1:38.312 and are the leading FIM Sidecar F2 World Trophy team. Once again the Brothers mixed it with the larger 1000cc machines and have now completed the season with a full set of pole positions, all they have to do in the race is win and it will be a full house.

A great qualifying for Bryan Gray and Adam Christie on their "Bryan Gray's Powerbiking" LCR,Yamaha. They set a time of 1:38.914. The team were not without their troubles though. In Q1 they found that the bike would not pull cleanly out of the tight hairpin corners, they made some adjustments over night and in Q2 their machine seemed to be going a lot better.


Heading row four is Bennie Streuer and Gerad Daalhuisen on their "Team Streuer" LCR, Suzuki. The team had a trouble free qualifying and were really pleased their time was faster in Q2 than Q1, even after driver Bennie saying "I don't think we can go faster in Q2, because conditions are a lot cooler, we are really pleased, and we are looking forward to the race".

Mike Roscher and Anna Burkard will line up nest to Streuer/Daalhuisen on their "Roscher-Burkard-Penz 13 Racing" LCR, BMW. The team were really happy with this as they had old tyres fitted, and are hoping that the race will be good for them.


Heading row five is Michael Grabmuller and Sophia Kirchhofer on their "Poliziesportverein Wels delta Racing Team" LCR, Yamaha, they are the second fastest of the F2 Trophy class. The team were really happy with their performance and are really looking forward to the race.
Tenth fastest goes to Jakob Rutz and Marcel Fries on their "Sidecar Racing Team Rutz" LCr, Yamaha. The team were happy with this and hope they can have a good race and good result for their last world race of the season.

There will be a 15 lap race, starting at 18.30 local time, on Saturday.