Sprint and Gold race.

With two races looming, for the "FIM 600cc World Sidecar trophy". "Team Shand Racing" set to changing their Honda 600 engine in their "Shand Chassis". Mechanic Douglas got all the relevant parts dismantled, while driver Gordon prepped the spare engine. Gordon had also recruited old friend, and passenger Peter Hill to accompany the team to Germany, to help with the driving of the team truck "The Big Yellow Banana" as it is known to some. He and passenger for the weekend, Belgian Frank, sorted and cleaned all the parts.


With the engine changed the team had the opportunity to go to a small Super Moto track, just outside the main Oscherseben track, thanks to Ralph Bohnhorst. Early in the morning of race day, Gordon, Frank and Douglas (with tools in hand) set off with Ralph. On returning Gordon said "The engine we changed last night seems to be better, it was only a small track but it was great that we had the opportunity to try the engine before the races, big thanks to Ralph for this".

With Gordon and Frank not having a very good qualifying it was going to be hard to get a good start from tenth on the grid, and get away with the top teams.



As the lights went out for the 10 lap sprint race. In near perfect racing conditions. Gordon managed to make one place by the second corner. Gordon and Frank were then locked in a battle with Tony Baker and Fiona Baker- Milligan just in front of them and Enrico Wirth and Andreas Klotz right on their tail. This battle was to continue till half way through the race.

With the race coming to an end, Wirth and Klotz got by Baker andBaker-Milligan. Gordon and Frank were pushing hard, and were trying to follow Wirth and Klotz, but just could not get past Baker and Baker-Milligan. When out of the blue, Eckart Rosinger and Gerd Gorlich made a move on them, and passed. Gordon and Frank tried their best to re take the place, but it was not to be.

The ten lap sprint race came to a close and for all the team tried they just could not get that eighth place back that Rosinger/Gorlich took from them. The flag came out and Gordon and Frank had to be content with ninth place. Gordon said after the race, "We just could not get by people, and we could not stay with people when they passed. But at least the oil stayed in this engine, HA HA". Frank also said, "We pushed hard, but it just was not to be, I am reasonably happy, but I don't think Gordon is, he drove a great race. We have another one later today; I hope we can do better".


Later that day a 15 lap Gold race was to decide the winner of the "FIM 600cc Sidecar World Trophy". Again perfect racing conditions for the race.
Gordon and Frank had a better start in this race, they were in the thick of the action, they got momentarily into seventh place into the first corner, but they settled for eighth right on the tail of Dwight Beare and Shelley Smithies. But right with Gordon and Frank was Enrico Wirth and Andreas Klotz, Team Shand had a good battle in race one with them but when the passed the could not stay with them, was this going to be the same. And again Eckart Rosinger and Gerd Gorlich were behind Wirth and Klotz.

As the race continued Beare and Smithies pulled away from The "Team Shand Racing" machine, leaving Gordon and Frank to try and fend off Wirth and Klotz. They tried their best, but in the end the pass was inevitable. And once again "Team Shand" tried their hardest to keep with Wirth and Klotz, but again it was not to be.

Again Gordon and Frank were to battle with Rosinger and Klotz, but they managed to stay in front this time, and they were to make a good gap on Rosinger and Klotz.
This resulted in Gordon and Frank having a bit of a lonely race from now on, there was no threat from any other team behind, and they could not make any ground to the teams in front. But out on their own, Gordon and Frank were putting in good lap times, and they were consistent, this was good for the team.


On lap twelve of the race the red flags came out due to an incident involving Dwight Beare and Shelley Smithies, and a separate incident in the same spot on the race track with Gunther Bachmaier and Andy Kolloch, the race result was given.

Thankfully all the people involved in the incident were unhurt, more than could be said for their machines.
The final result was given and Gordon and Frank were to finish in seventh place for the race.
Their ninth place in race one and seventh in this race was to put them in sixth place overall in the "FIM 600cc Sidecar World Trophy"

After the race Gordon said "It was not a good start to the weekend, but really I am happy with the way things have gone, not too bad a result overall for us. We will need to see if we can get more power from the machine. We will be competing again in the F.S.R.A British F2 Sidecar Championship at Cadwell Park in two weeks. Also I would like to thank all our sponsors, and team members, who work so hard to make this all possible for us. And I would like to thank Frank for doing a good job again".

Frank also said "I really enjoyed the weekend; it has been a great experience for me. I would like to thank Gordon for giving me the opportunity to race here, and thanks to Douglas and Peter for all their help".