(You may be in luck and see two reports on here today if the Thursday one comes in - I've been working away all week on nights but the week is over and I should be OK to update before late evening! - SE)

Once again the weather was perfect for practice on Wednesday night, although there was a strong wind all round the 37 three quarter TT course.
Gordon and Phil have been having fuel problems with their "Shand Racing" Honda powered machine over the last couple of practice sessions. The team have been working to try and rectify this problem. 


As the team set off for their first lap of practice, again all seemed to be going well, with Gordon thinking the fuel problem had been sorted. But it was another problem that slowed them up on lap one. An air duct pipe for cooling the oil cooler from the fairing had come loose and was scraping on the ground. Phil noticed it when he was passengering right hand corners. Also the seat unit was not fully secured, so some more work for the team after practice.

Gordon and Phil managed to get two laps in during practice, but once again the fuel problem reoccurred, so it is going to be another night working on the machine.
With another two laps under their belt their fastest time was 22:42.576 a speed of 99.685 mph. slower than the previous night but with the problems, still a good time.


Gordon said after practice, "We were slower tonight, but the chassis feels great. We will take the fuel tank out and try to get some more baffling fitted, it is a bit of a pain, but I think I have a solution. We will have another go on Thursday".
Mark Walters.