Posting Photos and Avatars

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Posting Photos and Avatars

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The new phpBB3 version of the forum includes the posting of attachments - e.g. photos.
These attachments are limited in size due to server timeout restrictions (basically if they're too big the server gets bored and ignores them). The limit is set to around 300KB , at a resolution of 1200x1000

If you are going to post photos from your digital camera and they are bigger than this, either upload to imageshack or similar and hot link using the 'img' tags, or resize the photos.

AVATARS - hosted are limited to 12Kb and 120x120 pixels, please keep any remotely linked and any remotely hosted forum signatures to a sensible size for those on slower connections, probably under 50Kb, definitely under 100K.

Best way is single frame gifs usually.
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