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Links to BSB and Bemsee Live Timing

Instead of tucked away in the Race Office which is at least another 2 clicks away.. I have put live timing on the front here on the Directory button for BSB And Bemsee.

It SHOULD show both live timing sessions when they’re live and have links to TSL for the results pages.

If you encounter any problems let me know, it’s working for me but that is no guarantee.



MoTeC ECU – Know what you are buying

An article from Andrew ‘Angus’ Brooke

MoTeC is a fairly expensive bit of kit, so do your research in what you are buying. I will be telling you rough prices of new kit, and things to keep eye out for with second hand.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH, instead I want to inform. I have no issues with other systems, or second hand kit, but sometimes deals aren’t as good as they appear.

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