This was from October 21st Email..

Last month, the Isle of Man Government Department for Enterprise, as promoters of the Isle of Man TT Races, invited competitors and relevant parties to contribute towards a review of the Technical Regulations for the Sidecar class. The Department would like to thank those who took the time to reply.

The proposed changes were intended to allow the class to expand and bring more variation to the start line, especially taking into account the difficulty and cost of obtaining a 600cc, 4-stroke engine. The Race Management Team have considered all responses and have also taken into account the current pandemic and the financial position this will leave some teams.

As a result, no changes will be made to the 2021 Sidecar TT Technical Regulations. However, the regulations will be amended for TT 2022 to allow 4-stroke, parallel-twin cylinder engines up to a maximum of 900cc.

Kind Regards

The Isle of Man TT Races